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Feature Request: Turning off motion detection.


Hi. I am building a embedded controller with motion detection capability for a large unnamed company. I would find it useful if motion could start without any motion detection at all. Ie. just act as a live webcam server. We have passive Infrareds to detect motion, then we could fire up motion or set it to follow detected motion. But since we have limited CPU and want to conserve power while doing other tasks this could be useful. Or to turn up capture rate while not doing detection, so we can stream faster instead. mjpg-streamer by comparision has less than 5% CPU usage on our 266MHz powerpc with 1280x1024 frames at 5fps when we capture the mjpeg frames directly from the webcam. When i do VGA motion detection with 2 fps and stream 1 fps through the http-server, I have about 40% cpu usage with motion.

-- ChristianM - 07 Nov 2011

Follow up

You can pause motion detection of motion anytime you want using http control interface :



-- AngelCarpintero - 08 Dec 2011


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