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Feature Request: Motion coordinates


Hello! I would like to get the image coordinates where motion where detected in a textfile saved along with the captured image. Ideally i would want the camera software to be able to track the coordinates of someones feet which might be a more advanced version of the above.

This would enable scripting that could remap the coordinates to a floor and count the number of persons passing through the picture/room and/or direction they are headed. I imagen it could also be used to do a web front end where motion could be mapped onto to a 2d floorplan to create an map of you home which works kind of like the magic map of Hogwarth i Harry Potter i.e. you can see footprints drawn on the floorplan as people move about the house.

Maybe i got a bit carried away here but machine readable coordninates would be great and they must already be in the program as they are drawn on the picture.

PS. Maybe this is already in the program i was experimenting with a port to openwrt it seems to have a lot of features removed.

-- AntonG - 29 Jul 2012

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