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Feature Request: JPGL support


Got webcamera based on nw80x driver, known as "Bus 002 Device 005: ID 06a5:d800 Divio Chicony TwinkleCam", "Trust 120 SpaceCam" or "Webcam WB-1100G" Is there a chance to add JPGL palette support?

[1] cap.driver: "nw80x" [1] cap.card: "USB Camera (06a5:d800)" [1] cap.bus_info: "usb-0000:02:00.0-2.2" [1] cap.capabilities=0x05000001 [1] - VIDEO_CAPTURE [1] - READWRITE [1] - STREAMING [1] Config palette index 8 (YU12) doesn't work. [1] Supported palettes: [1] 0: JPGL (JPGL) [1] Unable to find a compatible palette format.

-- AndAnd - 09 Sep 2012

Follow up


I am also looking for JPGL palette support. It appears v4l2-rds-ctl added support in version 0.8.4. Does Motion rely on libv4l? If so, perhaps it's not too difficult to add the V4L2_PIX_FMT_JPGL handler.

-- PatrickHatesSpam - 08 Dec 2012
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