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Feature Request: H264 Support?


Those of us out there with slow upload speeds would love to have a lighter means of supplying the video feed. H264 is undoubtedly less of a network/disk pig than MJPG is, even though MJPG certainly has its uses. Is there any way to implement H264 support so network based cameras can utilize that feed for netcam_url instead of MJPG for use with Motion?

-- JasonSauders - 30 Nov 2012

Follow up


I second this. There are many cheap indoor/outdoor IP cameras that provide HD 264 but only very low resolution JPEG/MJPEG.

-- JohnBadger - 15 Jan 2014

It's been over a year... nothing to add? Is Motion still in development?

-- JasonSauders - 19 Feb 2014

For what it's worth, ZoneMinder's most recent (at the time of this posting) master branch has H264 support, and it works pretty well. Perhaps that could be used as a reference? (I can't lie, it's pretty nice running 2x the framerate at 25% the network load for no noticeable difference in image quality...)

-- JasonSauders - 27 Jun 2014

Hopefully this gets integrated asap. Hikvision IP-Cams only do H264 in the mainstream. Any news?

-- AnastasiusNadelholz - 23 Aug 2014

This is supported in the latest branches on git via rtsp.

-- MrDave - 25 Aug 2014

My stream is: rtsp:// My motion version is the latest: 3.2.12. What do I have to do to access my camera? If you feel you can answer my question, I've asked the question here:

-- AnastasiusNadelholz - 25 Aug 2014

I receive: 'Invalid netcam_url (rtsp://' passkey is admin:12345

-- AnastasiusNadelholz - 25 Aug 2014

What this project needs are programmers to do it. I am all for it. If someone wants to do it, let me know and I will grant access to the subversion. I am trying to learn Git but I am not comfortable with it so any remote Git branches will not be pulled in in near future

-- KennethLavrsen - 30 Aug 2014

Kenneth, see here, it's working at least at 1080x720 resolution:

-- AnastasiusNadelholz - 01 Sep 2014
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