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Feature Request: ffmpeg_timelapse_mode, can 12 hourly be added


Is it possible to add more options to the ffmpeg_timelapse_mode. I am recording a Network camera at 1 frame per 2 seconds. Filesize reaches the 2 TB at around 3 o clock in the afternoon, stops recording and starts a new file at midnight.

I can record a timelapse 24 hour if I set quality lower and framerate at 1 frame per 3 seconds but I would not want to do that.

So, can a ffmpeg_timelapse_mode be added reading the number as parameter, for example ffmpeg_timelapse_mode 12 makes it record a new file every 12 hours ?

-- BenZandstra - 26 Jan 2013

Follow up


Perhaps another solution where the 2 GB file size limit does not exist ?

-- BenZandstra - 26 Jan 2013
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