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Feature Request: Disable auto focus on UVC webcams


I'd like to have an option to disable auto-focus on webcams. In my case, I'm using a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema.

I read that it's a UVC feature, but I have no idea how easy it would be to incorporate. If there's an existing way to do this, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks for all your work.


-- EricRead - 10 Jun 2013

Follow up


You can do it with v4l2-ctl (usually in vl4 utils), first use the -l option to list your cammera options, if some option related to auto-focus is listed you can use it with the -c option, for example:

v4l2-ctl -c auto_focus=0

you can do this in a script that run on system startup, I´m doing the same but for auto_exposure option in a Logitech webcam.

Regards Luis

-- LuisBackup - 30 Apr 2014
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