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Feature Request: Auto delete files over certain age... possibly a motion.conf/thread*.conf entry


One major drawback to Motion is the inability to automatically delete files over a certain age. In my case, I wanted to have it automatic so I didn't have to worry about Motion eventually filling up my drive space. I had to do some digging and formulate a rather long command and cron it daily so it would delete feeds over a certain age. It would make a lot of sense if this could be a baked-in feature to the .conf files. That way a user could simply say:

target_dir /media/storage/motion/front_door/


autodelete 7 automatically delete any video files over 7 days old, as an example.

This would be a very, very useful feature that users would undoubtedly be in favor of.

Thanks for looking! -J

-- JasonSauders - 11 Oct 2013

Follow up


Why is this soloution not good enough for you?

-- MortenBirkelund - 25 May 2014

I'm not implying that it's not good enough, but it would make more sense if this type of functionality was built into Motion itself.

-- JasonSauders - 27 Jun 2014

Jason, this type of functionality actually wouldn't make much sense at all if it were built into Motion. Motion is a tool for monitoring image deltas to determine if movement has occurred, not a file management tool (there are plenty of those). Use cron, that's what it's there for.

-- RamonGomez - 16 Sep 2014

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