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Feature Request: Raspberry camera and infra support


Raspberry Pi camera and infr camera support for the new cameras that connect via the CSI Camera port near the ethernet jack. Sorry if this is a duplicate request but I didn't see any others posted.

-- JimM - 04 Dec 2013

Follow up


Could I also support this request. Native support for the Raspberry Pi camera would be very useful. The combination of a your motion software and the self-contained Raspberry Pi+Camera is a great way to develop new projects. Thanks for all your work.


-- RickG - 23 Dec 2013

I also support this request. Currently I am using a patched version of motion from here It works quite nice, I followed this tutorial: The only downside is, that rotation of 90 and 270 degree does not work correctly in this version (rotates, but width and height are nor "switched", so you get an "portrait" view instead of "landscape").

-- ArminMueller - 24 Dec 2013

I also support the request, low costs and ease of customization/integration make this combination really useful, the possibility of using Full HD, IR camera modules and capturing 5MP stills could be a very important addition.

-- PerryF - 03 Jan 2014

Could we get the patched version or the official version to support x.264 encoding on the FFMPEG that is depended on?

-- MattMoore - 11 Jan 2014

ffmpeg armhf 6:0.8.6-1+rpi1 [138 kB] for comment above.

-- MattMoore - 11 Jan 2014

I would also like to request changes to motion to support the RaspberryPi camera. I'm using the patched version by dozencrows but many of the config options do not appear to work as expected.

-- SteveDee - 21 Feb 2014

Can I donate money to get support for Raspberry Pi camera directly from motion??

-- TdotT - 24 Feb 2014

I'm working to make motion working with RaspberryPi , using Git version of motion , however i would need some help to test it.

-- AngelCarpintero - 24 Feb 2014

If I can be of any help, Angel, I will provide it. Have used motion for years with several cams,played a lot with the option. A few days ago, I bought the Raspberry with camera - but unfortunately, you will have topatch motion to make it work with that cam, and lose a lot of options

-- JensJRgenKjRgaard - 24 Feb 2014

We can definitely help to test it.

-- TdotT - 03 Mar 2014

Any updates?

-- TdotT - 20 Apr 2014

If you install the video4linux drivers for the RaspiCam, motion works on the Pi.

-- DavidWales - 23 Apr 2014

I would like to see support for RaspiCam in motion aswell. Especially the GPU optimization that also is suggested in this post. For the time being, the CPU of the raspberry pi is working overtime when trying to run motion. If you use the GPU optimization then the Raspberry pi has no problems taking high quality videos.

Could we please get some comments and thoughts from the developers... I would like to donate some money as well if we could get Motion to support RaspiCam and GPU optimization..

-- MortenBirkelund - 25 May 2014

If you need a /dev/video0 from the raspberry Pi cam then I can recommend . Very simple instructions and without any changes motion just works! I have also donated to the developer and I suggest you do too and spread the word!

-- RobDavis - 12 Jul 2014

Bump. I want this feature. Such an obvious one to have, why use a USB camera when you can use CSI?

-- MarkMagness - 07 Jan 2015

Does anyone know the progress on support for the Raspberry Pi Camera?

-- FormidableFox - 19 May 2015

Have there been any new developments on using the RPi Cam (via CSI port) with Motion?

-- JimDavidson - 13 Jul 2015

FormidableFox JimDavidson: Is motionEyeOS (mentioned on MotionEye page) something you're looking for?

-- DmitryK - 30 May 2016
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