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Feature Request: UVC values, Event numbering


Using motion since a few months, at the beginning with a gspca cam and now with a uvc one I feel very happy using it. I made 2 webcams with tiny routers running on OpenWrt for my house, frame rate are low due to limitations of the routers, but good for my needs.

The first request: One of my cameras is a Logitech c270, in this one, the uvc GAIN control works better than bright control, so, one of the feature to request is to use some kind of AUTO-GAIN instead/plus AUTO-BRIGHT as an option in config file. I think that this camera use the bright after the sensor gets the image and gain is used in the sensor itself. Changing the bright in this camera only gets a lighter black while changing the gain value gets a better image in the dark and I can´t set to a fixed value because at day the image get all white, for the second one, the gspca I got no gain control and the bright get a better image at dark, in fact motion "auto-brightness" works better in this old camera than in the uvc. In the uvc I have 2 crons to change the gain at night and change it again at early morning, but with a full moon or a cloudy morning it gets obsolete.

The second request: Let reset the event counter via api. Right now I restart motion via crond at 00:00 to know at the following day if an event has occurred at night just watching the stream (I use the %d on screen), but my cam is not only watched by me, so, others get the stream interrupted at the given time having to restart the vlc program and I have to make the same in the stb connected to the lcd tv to watch the streams, I have to quit and restart the program to get the video again, so, it´s very annoying. Maybe you can add an action to the detection module, Start/Pause and Stop, in the stop action you can reset the counter plus the Pause function, or just a Reset counter action.

Thanks Luis

-- LuisBackup - 30 Apr 2014

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