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Feature Request: custom smart mask area/time dependant mask


Background to idea: I have a camera pointing outside at an area with trees. When clouds pass over the shadow appears and disappears this is seen as motion and captured. I have a custom mask which ignores the trees themselves but the area of motion interest includes portions where the shadows fall during some parts of the day (obviously the shadows move as the sun moves)

I've looked around and this is a common issue so this feature should help many others

Option 1 Custom mask with three levels (or two separate mask files) one mask defines an area for normal motion detection, the second mask defines an area where smart masking should be used. This would prevent a smart mask from obscuring an area which you want any movement to always be captured e.g. a doorway

Option 2 Multiple static masks which can be swapped at different times. I tried to implement this with a cronjob but it requires moving the mask file out a new one in and restarting motion. Not ideal as there is some downtime an inbuilt option would be more reliable and faster.

-- KyuzoUzumaki - 13 May 2014

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