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Feature Request: Injecting Text From Out Side Source Using Event Triggers Or Timer


I am looking to see if it would be possible for the motion script to inject event specific text on the video or pictures. Would like to be able to read from a simple text file.

The text file could look like this:(This file would be created for motion to read by an outside script)

bLeft %'Car Speed' %'100' %'mph'


Would like this be read on event trigger or a designated rate(seconds or minutes).

Things I would like to inject in to the video or picture:

-weather station information

-radar gun speed.

-just about anything one could think of.

If this is already possible, please treat me like a two year old and show me the way.


-- DennisClauss - 13 Oct 2014

Follow up


I have read the 30 Apr 2006 post asking for the same thing. I have my motion system triggering on motion and uploading to gdrive when event is done. So not sure the follow up comment would work for the what I am hoping for. Thoughts?

-- DennisClauss - 13 Oct 2014

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