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ffmpeg stream

Description of Patch

Having a low upstreambandwidth i needed a solution to stream in also other video formats (mpeg4, h264, flv, ...).

Insted of "vlc http://server:1234"; (mjpeg) i can do now also "mplayer http://server:1234/mpeg4";

For a different streaming rate you can add parameters to the url(vbr overrides bps)

vlc http://server:1234/mpeg4?bps=500000 or vlc http://server:1234/mpeg4?vbr=10

To see the stream on my TV (VDR with iptv plugin) i need mpegts: http://server:1234/mpegts?fps=25&bps=2000000

fps is only a fake in the stream header - needed for VDR

Installation of Patch

Download the patch file and copy it to the motion source directory and issue the command

gunzip -cd motion_stream_ffmpeg3.diff.gz | patch -p1

Then re-build Motion and test the patch.

Change History of Patch

  • 1 Initial revision
  • 2 mjpg fixes
  • 3 read/write (now blocking) - timeout 1 second (got loop in write)

Discussion and Comments

what Version? patch not working due to missing stream.c|h in

-- AxelAmthor - 06 Sep 2009

It's against svn trunk but didn't specify svn revision though.

-- AngelCarpintero - 06 Sep 2009

this is exactly what i missed for a long time on motion.

As I'm not very experienced on linux, is it possible to get a 1.2.3.-Description of what to do to get this running?

-- HubertBall - 22 Oct 2009

For revision 475 patch not work. stream.c not patch corrected.

-- ParMax - 22 Dec 2009

motion_stream_ffmpeg_rev552.diff.gz - worked

-- ParMax - 28 May 2012

at first: MOTION_LOG(ERR, TYPE_STREAM, NO_ERRNO, "connect %s fps $d bps %d vbr %d", purl, fps, bps, vbr); need to be as MOTION_LOG(ERR, TYPE_STREAM, NO_ERRNO, "connect %s codec %s fps %d bps %d vbr %d", purl, fps, bps, vbr); at second - Not Work frown, sad smile In log I see: connect stream_add_client codec mov fps 25 bps 500000 vbr 0 or connect stream_add_client codec mpeg4 fps 25 bps 500000 vbr 0 or connect stream_add_client codec mpegts fps 25 bps 500000 vbr 0 get_oformat: ffmpeg_video_codec option value mpegts is not supported or get_oformat: ffmpeg_video_codec option value mjpg is not supported stream_add_client: ffopen_open error creating (new) stream [stream_add_client]

and no Video at vlc frown, sad smile

-- AlexeyBelyaev - 17 Sep 2012

Alexey, Could you make a patch for the current stable version? motion-3.2.12.tar.gz

-- SergeiBordun - 15 Nov 2012

this patch not work frown, sad smile

-- AlexeyBelyaev - 05 Jan 2013

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