Motion - Fix Standard Functions Parameters

Fix Standard Function Parameters


Rigth now no all functions in motion follow the same standard in parameter order , i.ex most of functions that use struct context *cnt have this parameter at first position, but not all.

Description of Patch

The path tries to make the code of motion more friendly and standard creating a rule :

  • Functions have to follow the same order of parameters.

Installation of Patch

  • From motion source directory
   tar xfvz motion-3.2.2-fix-standard-code.diff.tar.gz
   patch <  motion-3.2.2-fix-standard-code.diff

Change History of Patch

  • motion-3.2.2-fix-standard-code v1.0 , 5 Agust 2005
    • Fix struct context *cnt paremeter in rotate_map(), vid_startpipe().
    • Fix width and height in draw_text(), draw_textn().
  • motion-3.2.2-fix-standard-code v1.1 , 7 Agust 2005
    • Added a SLEEP(x,y) macro to replace sleep() , this macro is implemented with nanosleep , where x is seconds and y nanoseconds.
    • Replaced all the sleep in : video_freebsd.c , track.c , motion.c . Not in netcam files to make easy mantain the patches.

Discussion and Comments

Integrated into 3.2.2_snap11

-- KennethLavrsen - 08 Aug 2005

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