Motion - Fixed Mask File On Motion Images Patch

Fixed Mask File On Motion Images Patch


This is a small feature added to 3.2.1 which shows the fixed mask (in addition to the smart mask) in bright red on the Motion type images.

The patch was added to the SmartMask patch topic but I (KennethLavrsen) made this patch topic to ease my own configuration management and better traceability in my change history.

Description of Patch

Two new features:

  • This patch displays also the fixed mask a red overlay in the motion images.
  • If you define a mask file, that doesn't exist, motion will automatically generate an empty (white) mask with correct width and height for you. You can simply edit this file without having to care about image size.

Installation of Patch

Copy the patch into a clean motion-3.2.1_snap14 directory and unzip it.

Apply the patch:

patch < fixed_mask.diff



or just wait for the next 3.2.1 snapshot. It will be included in motion-3.2.1_snap15

Change History of Patch

Discussion and Comments

Thank you, Kenneth:-)

-- JoergWeber - 23 Apr 2005
Topic revision: r4 - 28 May 2005, KennethLavrsen
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