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gmotionlive is a gtk based webcam viewer

Detailed Description

gmotionlive is a multipart/x-mixed-replace viewer. It uses gnomevfs to open a stream and it displays the downloaded parts.

It was written as a viewer for motion but should be useable for other sources such as network cameras. It is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.0 or any later version.


The sources can be found at:


Just type 'make' and install the binary ('gmotionlive') in a directory such as /usr/local/bin

Users Guide

gmotionlive url description

Use the url to the image stream and if you want a different window title supply a description.

Comments and Bug Reports

I've tried this program with a stream from a PiXORD network camera and it failed to display a stream. Instead it displayed a single JPEG image and then after anywhere between 10-30 seconds the window would resize either vertically or horizontally and it displayed black and white noise in part of the the window and solid black for the rest. Also, occasionally I would receive the following error message immediately after the program was started:

ERROR: meta.c (179): wmf_header_read: this isn't a wmf file

I've attached a netcam mjpeg stream dump with more information about getting server push streams from PiXORD network cameras as well as a link to the PiXORD demo site at: NetcamMjpegStreamDumps

-- SeanBobb - 26 Apr 2005

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ProjectSummary A simple gtk viewer for webcams using multipart/x-mixed-replace streams
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ReleaseVersion 1.0
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