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GadSpot NC1000-W10

Works well, Wireless, as IR uses standard CCTV lens.

  • netcam_url http://CAMERA_IP/GetData.cgi (for a video stream)
  • netcam_url http://CAMERA_IP/Jpeg/CamImg.jpg (for a video stream)
-- EvilPete - 09 Sep 2005

More info and firmware can be found at

-- KennyRoot - 13 June 2007

GadSpot GS1200G

Works OK. Video consumes about 4Mbits/sec.

  • netcam_url http://CAMERA_IP/cgi-bin/getimage.cgi?motion=1 (for Video)
  • netcam_url http://CAMERA_IP/cgi-bin/getimage.cgi?motion=0 (for snapshot)
  • netcam_url http://CAMERA_IP/cgi-bin/getaudio.cgi (for audio...just in case)
-- Ajay - 04 Oct 2006

There is documentation available for the GS1200 API at

GadSpot NC800

works, but not too well, seems to overheat, 10/100 Twisted pair network and has IR "nightvision" for under $100. based on the SQ610 chip

prototype specs:

but not the same board, if you willing to do some soldering you can get a serial link into the device.

Upd by AF: It's not wireless. See

  • netcam_url http://CAMERA_IP//snapshot.html (for a Jpeg snapshot)
I have a patch/hack for to get a video stream for those that are intrested ( a program that runs as a child process that converts the non-HTML video stream into a HTML'ize stream )

I would not recomend this cam yet ( not untill many firmware issues are addressed and fixed )

-- EvilPete - 09 Sep 2005

-- JaviPardo - 15 Nov 2005
GadSpot NC800 not are wireless, have IR and only works with Internet Explorer.

The original name os NC800 are SQ610 and found the web

Snapshot works with this script from Angel Carpintero

Posible Stream video but have bad header
  • http://CAMERA_IP/cgi-bin/Stream?Video
-- JaviPardo - 15 Nov 2005

Yup, i've been using it for a streaming feed.

Here some simple perl code that reads the vid stream. This outputs a HTTP MJPEG stream:

and this will save 25 Jpeg images from the stream:

-- EvilPete - 20 Dec 2005
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