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Grand Wi-Fi Camera model 1 and 2 (and may be for the ethernet one also)

It seems to work using : netcam_url http://cam_ip/still.jpg

But there is some strange bugs, after a random moment the cam seems to be down

Impossible to work with netcam_url http://cam_ip/video.cgi

"cam_ip" must be replace by the IP of the cam in your Lan

-- PatriceGaudicheau - 23 Oct 2005

Grand IP Cam III

Still images mode: netcam_url http://your_cam_ip/still.jpg

Streaming mode: netcam_url http://your_cam_ip/video.cgi

To enable this mode it is necessary to apply a patch, adding support for Content-Auth in http headers sent from the camera.

The patch is named "Netcam Content Auth Patch", actually being tested.

It should work also with Grand Wi-Fi models reported by PatriceGaudicheau, but I have not tested with them.

-- LucioDona - 22 Jun 2006

I update firmware with like in instruction from and work beter and without ActiveX in browser like Firefox.

-- DanTudora - 20 Aug 2009

Grandtec Grand X Guard

Cheap 4 port bt878a card. (

Works fine for me. Also 768x576 res, but wait for deinterlace wink

-- ValloJoeorg - 06 Jan 2006

Grantec Grand XGuard9 (Connexant 25878)

Took me a while, but I got this card working:[]]]

Had to use the BTTV driver (of course), but I had to specify 'card=103' in /etc/modprobe.conf when loading the module (incorrectly detected as card=57).

-- MatthewClark - 04 Mar 2006
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