Motion - Improved Labelling Patch

Improved Labelling Patch


Experiments making labeling find all labels larger than threshold instead of only the largest.

Description of Patch

Today, labeling only takes the largest label into account. This has some bad side effects like the locate box is usually too small and only covers part of the moving object. Also tracking is not very precise, because the largest label kind of jumps around when an object is moving. And sometimes, when objects are moving fast, the 'ghost image' is larger than the object itself and so (besides tracking) best_preview only shows an empty image, where the object is gone already.

All those kinds of irritations should at least be improved - if not almost fixed - with this patch. Motion will now take ALL labels that were above threshold into account. Even if there are 2 larger objects in 2 different places at the same time, they will both be catched with tracking, locate and best_preview.

Installation of Patch

gunzip improved_labeling_0.1.diff.gz into motion source dir.

patch -p1 < improved_labeling_0.1.diff

make clean all

Change History of Patch

Improve labeling: take all labels above threshold into account i.o. just the largest one.

Discussion and Comments

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