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libjpeg-mmx patch


I use motion for a webcam streaming server only with 3 cam's on an old Pentium 233 MMX with 3 frames per second

(one usb [pwc] and two video tv-cards [bttv and saa7134]).

The cpu uses nearly 90% according to top (20% system). Yes it's working i get 3 frames for each cam but with 4 frames frown, sad smile

Most of cpu time is used by jpeg encoding, so i searched for a way to get more performance and found libjpeg-mmx.

Now my cpu uses nearly 53% according to top (20% system).

Description of Patch

Reduce radical cpu time for jpeg handling (encode/decode).

Installation of Patch


unpack MMX Jpeg from to a subdir of motion (ex. jpeg-mmx)

motion/jpeg-mmx$ ./configure

motion$ autoconf
motion$ ./configure --with-jpeg-mmx=./jpeg-mmx

or for debian apt-get libjpeg-mmx-dev (this is an older Version but woks for me)

motion$ ./configure --with-jpeg-mmx

Change History of Patch

  • motion-3.2.1-libjpegmmx-1 , 2 Jul 2005
    • Initial Release against motion-3.2.1
  • motion-3.2.1-libjpegmmx-2 , 3 Jul 2005
    • cosmetic cleanup - patch against motion-3.2.1/motion-3.2.2_snap4
  • motion-3.2.1-libjpegmmx-3 , 17 Jul 2005
    • Patch again last snapshot motion-3.2.2_snap6
    • Added autodetection feature and some cosmetic changes.
    • Option to skip to use it ( to build RPM/DEB packages ).

Discussion and Comments

Interesting patch. Very interesting.

The configure change you have made - how well does it cope with machine without this library?

Is the libjpeg-mmx available as RPMs and debs?

The libjpeg-mmx seems to be not a mature release version. Is it still in active development? Is it available for FC4 for example?

If I unstall your patch can I still make an RPM for distribution that does not require this library?

-- KennethLavrsen - 09 Jul 2005

Just to show that we do not ignore this patch smile,Sun&sel=8#l4

-- KennethLavrsen - 10 Jul 2005

Patch finished as we discussed in above url. Now motion accepts the parameter --with-jpeg-mmx=DIR .

  • If this parameter is not passed to configure or is empty , tries to autodetect libjpeg-mmx in /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib if not found follows the old behaviour trying to find libjpeg.
  • If this parameter is passed motion search the library in DIR.
  • To skip use libjpeg-mmx --with-jpeg-mmx=no have to be passed to configure ( to build RPM / DEB i.ex ).

-- AngelCarpintero - 17 Jul 2005
Thanks Angel. That is great smile

Small question: Will --without-jpeg-mmx also work like the other options?

-- KennethLavrsen - 17 Jul 2005

Yes Kenneth , it works like --with-ffmpeg so --without-jpeg-mmx and --with-jpeg-mmx=no are equivalent.

-- AngelCarpintero - 17 Jul 2005

Will be in snap7

-- KennethLavrsen - 17 Jul 2005
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