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With measurenoise one can determine how much noise it produces while capturing frames from a video4linux device. This value can be used with, for example, motion.

Supported hardware

  • all video4linux compatible devices

Attached Files

Download link: measurenoise-0.1.tgz

You also need a colorconversion library: ccvt-0.3.tar.gz

cctv was originally authored and hosted by NemoSoft


Get the colorconversion routines: ccvt-0.3.tar.gz

build them and copy ccvt.h and libccvt.a to the measurenoise source directory.

Then: make install



or (e.g.): measurenoise /dev/video1

Do not use the average noise threshold directly: measure it for both dark and light situation and pick the highest value. Then, add 1 or 2.

Furthermore: first set your device to the same parameters you use in the package with which you use this noise threshold. E.g.: framerate, width, height, etc.

Also very important is that you point the webcam to something static. There should not be anything moving!

For that, you can use dov4l:


(author will most likely not read bugreports here)

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ProjectSummary With measurenoise determines how much noise a video4linux device produces while capturing frames
ProjectStatus Inactive
ReleaseVersion 0.1
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