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Using Motion with Twitter


I fell over this cool idea while surfing.

A guy called Shantanu Goel has written a blog describing how to use Motion and its on_motion_detected feature with Twitter and how you can see events as messages on your phone.

Detailed Description

You can read the blog on

A cool idea.

I would consider using on_event_start instead to avoid 100 messages when a cat passes the camera.

Comments and Bug Reports

Thanks for the mention, Ken smile . I'm just too glad that you found it worthwhile. and thanks for the on_event_start tip, will add that to the post. Shantanu

-- ShantanuGoel - 03 Jul 2008

I took this idea and with a bit of googling and trial and error I managed to make a bash/curl script to upload images to Twitpic and post to Twitter...

I'm not sure how to get it to only post one image per event though - instead of 100's .. ? I am using on_picture_save... any ideas?

start --- #!/bin/bash IMG=$1 USERNAME= PASSWORD= curl -F"username=$USERNAME" -F"password=$PASSWORD" -F"message=Motion Detected!" -Fmedia=@"$IMG"

-- stop --

-- DavidPickard - 22 Feb 2010

Of course it lost all its formatting, but you get the idea! I wonder if I should start a new related project? David.

-- DavidPickard - 22 Feb 2010

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