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What it does:

Reduces CPU and network utilization by serving images to Motion that are pre-qualified as motion by a netcam that supports motion detection.

Detailed Description

It's currently a perl script supporting multiple cameras and image size filtering (drops bad images that are too small).

1) configured netcam FTPs motion frames to a local repository (FTP Server)

2) MotionProxy watches directories for camera's frames and keeps a list of them.

3) When motion requests a frame from the proxy, next image from local repo is served.

4) Served frame is deleted.

Attached Files

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What do you need to install before?

Perl and a few CPAN modules...

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Users Guide

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ProjectSummary Allows using motion as a backend processor making videos, while netcam does motion detection...
ProjectStatus Alpha
ProjectSubmitter MdFigley
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