Motion - Motion Release 3x 1x 18snap 4

Motion Snapshot Release 3.1.18_snap4

Release Notes

3.1.18 snap4 - 01 Nov 2004

Development Release - not recommended for normal use

Released as snapshot for developers to merge other patches. And for general testing among the ones that wants to help finding bugs.

Changes since 3.1.17



  • Implemented phase 2 of the rotate patch
  • Added brightness patch options to motion-dist.conf

  • Added the new smart mask feature. It is working but it is still under development. It currently outputs an extra smart mask timelapse movie when the normal timelapse is enabled. This will be removed in the final version.
  • Added a new config option --without-optimizecpu which disables the CPU specific compiler optimizations introduced with the rotate phase 2 patch. The purpose of the new option is to enable a packager to build an RPM or deb package which is not tied to a specific CPU type.
  • Man page updated with the new brightness and smart mask options.
  • Configure help texts improved.
  • Added the pwc-10.0.5 version of pwc-ioctl.h.
  • Changing rotate, height and width via xmlrpc no longer affects the running program. The user can change the options and write them to the config files and then restart motion. This change is done because many internal data structures and memory allocations cannot handle change of image dimentions/size.
  • Fixed the problem with leading spaces of text_left and text_right getting lost when saving with xmlrpc. For text_left and text_right Motion now puts the string in quotation marks if the value starts with a leading space.

Next Steps

Pending patches are
  • FfmpegPatch049 needs to be further developed to handle all framerates with all 3 types of encoding
  • StreamingNetcamWithoutCurl still too unstable to enter the mainline code without more development on it. The feature itself is high priority.
  • LosslessEncoding is a nice to have feature with lower priority. If it works it is in. If not it is out until someone makes it work.

Known Problems

  • Motion Guide not yet updated - will wait until more patches are applied.

  • The pwc-ioctl.h is for pwc version 9.0.1 and 10.0.5. If you still use the pwc 8 series then you need to use the headerfile pwc-ioctl.h-pwc8.0 (copy the pwc-ioctl.h-pwc8.0 over pwc-ioctl.h). This is relevant for USB cameras using Philips chips.


-- KennethLavrsen - 01 Nov 2004

Bug Reports

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