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Motion Snapshot Release 3.1.20_snap1

Release Notes

3.1.20 snap1 - 26 Mar 2005

Bugfix Development Release - not recommended for normal use

The netcam code is still under development but we are very interested in getting test reports on these releases from people with Network cameras.

Netcam related bug reports from the snapshot releases can be added as a comment to

Changes since 3.1.19

  • Fixed a bug in noise tune which was most visible at very low light. (Joerg Weber and Kenneth Lavrsen)
  • Improvement in the noise-tune algoritm (Joerg Weber)
  • Netcam fixes and debug code by Christopher Price.
    • Fixed netcam startup race condition.
    • Refactored image handling back to single unified function
    • Refactored reconnection algorithm
    • Jpeg only based connections should now use less cpu time
    • Synced syslog/printf style to new motion standard
    • Added developer debug trace defines/code
    • Defines now used for many constants
    • Fixed support for netcams without content-length header (streaming only)
    • Remove memmem from netcam_wget.[c|h] (no longer used)
    • Several miscellaneous code cosmetic changes
    • Fixed support for non-streaming (image based) netcams without content-length header.
    • TODO: remove tests for memmem from configure
  • Re-arranged many of the const char declarations so that they are always before any statements within a block { }. This is to avoid compiler errors with older but still used gcc versions such as 2.9.5. (Kenneth Lavrsen)
  • Changed the use of %zd to %llu in printf statements of size_t types. This is done to avoid compiler errors with older but still used gcc versions such as 2.95. (Kenneth Lavrsen)

Next Steps

  • Still open todos on Netcam code. Keep on sending bug reports.
  • Fix open bugs.
  • Check the code for FreeBSD. This snap has not been tested at all in FreeBSD.

Known Problems

  • See the BugReports for open bugs.
  • The pwc-ioctl.h is for pwc version 9.0.1 and 10.0.6. If you still use the pwc 8 series then you need to use the headerfile pwc-ioctl.h-pwc8.0 (copy the pwc-ioctl.h-pwc8.0 over pwc-ioctl.h). This is relevant for USB cameras using Philips chips.


Bug Reports

-- KennethLavrsen - 26 Mar 2005
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