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Motion has some config options to start external programs or scripts when a certain event has occurred. These options are following:

execute at start of event
onsave picture saved
onmpeg movie started
onffmpegclose movie ended
mail send mail at start of event
sms send sms at start of event

The naming is not consistent nor very clear to the user. Some are missing (end of event) and others are not flexible enough (mail: sender address not configurable).

This is how the script commands should look like:

Function Old Option New Option Argument Appended
Start of event (first motion) execute on_event_start None
End of event (no motion for gap seconds) New! on_event_end None
Picture saved (jpg or ppm) onsave on_picture_save Filename of picture
Movie starts (mpeg file opened) onmpeg on_movie_start Filename of movie
Movie ends (mpeg file closed) onffmpegclose on_movie_end Filename of movie
Motion detected (each single frame with Motion detected) New! on_motion_detected None

Mail and sms can be removed. They are executed today, when an event starts. This funtionality can be built using the on_event_start script with even more flexibility than we have today.

-- JoergWeber - 28 Mar 2005

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