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Live USB CCTV Daria


Project for beginners Linux users or for those who need the operation of the system without spending time on installation and setup packages.

Detailed Description

Capabilities of the system:
- Easy installation on your PC
- The opportunity to work directly with the USB flash-disk without affecting the "native" OS computer. When this information is recorded on a flash-drive itself and can be viewed by the media player Windows / Linux
- Creation of a video surveillance system with distributed load
- Ring record.
- Imaging cameras server tools
- Establishing a system with distributed load (when IP-camers motion detection engaged and spread the video by FTP server)
- Work with analog cameras via a capture card
- Work with the USB camera (including - built-in laptop)
- Work with IP-cameras in MJPEG-HTTP mode
- View archived video via ftp and through free programs for the system under Windows (Interview)
- View archived video means the server menu
- Support for NFS (NAS)
- Statements by e-mail (CPU, ping to camcorders, memory)
- windows-based client (named Interview)

Attached Files - Linux DVR Daria - windows based client


For windows users:

Installation works correctly under 32-bit operation system windows. In 64-bit operation-system may be used iso-image (boot from CD) - this image may be used for install on virtual-machine too.

distribution copy on the flash drive (in this case D ) drive and execute the self-extracting archive:

It is important that the file was Daria.exe it on flash media, and it has been extracted without path changes, that is the root of the flash drive (in your case it may be a different drive letter for the USB-drive):

Go to the flash drive, make sure that you have created in the figure marked files and folders

and execute the file bootinst (batch file ms-dos):
Carefully read the warning. We see that the boot will be placed precisely on the flash drive and press Enter

make sure that the USB drive was bootable, then press Enter

Configure your computer to boot from USB and boot from a flash drive.

If your computer is connected to the USB-camera (or if it's a laptop), the program starts to run, and the archived video will be saved in archive/cam1. Archived video can be viewed using any media player.

For installation on the hard drive must use Disk menu system
For users of Linux installation is similar, but instead must file bootinst.bat launch a file
By default system language is Russian. Change on English by menu "Lang"

Users Guide - Developer website in Russian. English translation is planned in the near future.

Comments and Bug Reports

-- SemenovAlexey - 20 May 2014

For install from CD or install on virtual mashine created iso-image.

-- SemenovAlexey - 20 May 2014

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ProjectSummary Live USB CCTV with motion trunk. Can be used from USB Flash ore installed on PC
ProjectStatus Beta
ReleaseVersion 161
ProjectSubmitter SemenovAlexey
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