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This is a web front-end for Kenneth Lavrsen's motion detection program. It's written entirely in Python, and uses nothing more than my Lumenn library and your system's cron daemon to show live pictures, recycle videos, and report system status. It displays images using plain jpegs and JavaScript to reload them, and as such should run on any browser. It even loads fine on my phone, although the automatic refresh does not work since my phone's browser does not have JavaScript capabilities.

Plans are to add a GUI on the local machine using pygtk later, but for now, remote access is key. Contributions are welcome.


You need to have subversion installed on your computer with motion already running and stable.

After you have subversion installed, you can then type at the command prompt:

svn checkout possumcam

cd possumcam

svn checkout lumenn

You should edit the file webserver.config to fit your system. You will also need to edit the filenames and snapshot capabilities in motion.conf as well. Instructions are inside the webserver.config file.

You also need to edit rotate.crontab to the directory where possumcam is installed at so that cron will find the script.

After you're done, simply execute


Launch a browser and type in http://localhost:54100 to the address bar, and hopefully you'll be up and running.

Users Guide

This is currently being used as a test machine at the moment, but I'm hoping to roll it out to a couple of restaurants with aging surveillance systems later.

Comments and Bug Reports

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