Motion - Real Time Gen Html Shell Script



RTgenhtml generates a web page in real time.

Detailed Description

RTgenhtml is a bash script which is called by motion each time it saves a file. Motion must be configured with the following options:
target_dir /var/www
ffmpeg_cap_new on
on_picture_save /usr/local/bin/RTgenhtml
This way, motions saves jpeg's and avi's under /var/www/26-06/motion/ for the day 26th June, and runs the script. Then, a link with the jpeg pointing to the avi is appended to the index.html file (it is created if it does not exist) under /var/www/26-06.

The script:


BASENAME=`basename $1 .jpg`
DATEDIR=/var/www/`date +%d-%m`

        cat <<header
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
  <meta name="description" content="Motion">
  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
  <meta http-equiv="Expires" content="-1">
<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#ffffff" link="#00cfcf" vlink="#ffff66" alink="#99ffff"
<div align="center">
<center><h1><a href="/">Motion</a></h1></center>
<!-- START_OF_BODY -->

test -f index.html || gen_index > index.html

cp index.html index.tmp
LINK=\<A\ HREF=motion/$BASENAME.avi\>\<IMG\ border="0"\ src=motion/$BASENAME.jpg\>\</A\>
sed '/^<!-- START_OF_BODY -->/a\'"$LINK" index.tmp > index.html
rm index.tmp


Just copy the script to /usr/local/bin/RTgenhtml. Don't forget to edit /etc/motion/motion.conf

Comments and Bug Reports

I'm Trying to use this script and it creates the HTML file just fine, but the links do not work... This is what is generated for the HTML Body section What could I have done wrong.. I did have to change the directories to match mine.

-- TroyBackus - 14 Aug 2006

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