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Description of Patch

Slight modification of reference frame handling in order to improve locate and tracking feature: By default the decay mechanism is used to update the reference frame. This patch disables decaying when motion is above a certain threshold (more than threshold * 2 pixels changed). This way we get rid of the 'shadow' behind a fast moving object and the center of the detected motion is much closer to the real object than it was before. For small and slow objects, the decay mechanism ist still in place, so we don't lose sensitivity.

Installation of Patch

Download the patch file. If it is packed as a gz or tar.gz unpack it first. Then copy it to the motion source directory and issue the command (assuming the patch file is called filename_of_patch_file.diff)

patch < filename_of_patch_file.diff

Then re-build Motion and test the patch.

Change History of Patch

  • 1.0 Initial revision

Discussion and Comments

Good idea.

Let us try it. Committed to SVN 103

Nice to have you back again Joerg.

-- KennethLavrsen - 13 Jul 2006

Aaron is testing this patch as well. I'm waiting for his feedback. Actually it was him who requested this modification.

-- JoergWeber - 14 Jul 2006

in 3.2.7

-- KennethLavrsen - 20 Oct 2006

Hello, this is Aaron (who requested this patch originally). It appears that this patch was rolled mainline in 3.2.7, but the current version 3.2.12 has changed quite a bit and I don't see evidence of this logic anymore (not in the code, nor by behavior of motion detection on large image sizes). Has this been abandoned or unintentionally dropped?

-- AaronBarrus - 13 Dec 2012
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