Motion - Signal Loss Detection Patch



This patch does work but it is NOT ready for general use yet for a number of reasons:
  • Updates to motion-control not done yet
  • Works with both V4L and V4L2 but needs configure updating for V4L2
  • Only tested with BTTV driver

Description of Patch

This patch adds another config file option onsignallosscommand which is the name of an executable script to be called when either the video signal is lost or regained. If the video signal is lost the script the parameter passed to the executable is 0 when it is regained it is passed 1.

A new call is added the XMLRPC: motion.detection.status this returns either 1 or 0 to reflect the current state of the video signal for the specified camera.

Installation of Patch

zcat signal-loss.patch.gz | patch -p1

Discussion and Comments

One of the main issues with this patch is the it will not work with USB cameras, since when a USB camera is unplugged the motion thread hangs. There is some talk about fixing this with MotionWatchdog.

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