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SmallMotionWeb - lightweight image browser


Primarily developed so could be easy to use on a mobile device.




Detailed Description

Supports multiple feeds, days and images along with automatic play/reverse modes


Requirements: Perl & cgi bin

Assumes following output structure (should work with multiple feed directories - though hides this if only 1)

     jpeg_filename feed1/%Y%m%d/%H%M%S-%q 
     snapshot_filename feed1/%Y%m%d/%H%M%S-snapshot 
     ffmpeg_filename %v-%Y%m%d%H%M%S 
     timelapse_filename feed1/%Y%m%d/timelapse 

Edit CGI script and change following parameters appropriately:

  $imageroot = "/var/www/webcam"; # dir where motion outputs files 
  $webroot = "/webcam"; # virtual url to imageroot 


The following icons in the UI are shown (hover over in UI for description).

about info
goto previous day 
date  current date shown 
>   goto next date 
reverse playback mode 
goto first image 
goto previous image 
xx/yy  currentframe/totalframes 
goto next frame 
goto last frame
P forward playback mode

Comments and Bug Reports

I am getting permission problems when I try to install and run this.

I have tested m Apache set-up on a simple perl and cgi script and they both seem to work. However when I try and run the smotion.cgi script I get a internal server misconfiguration error and the logs show :

[Fri Mar 27 10:25:28 2009] [error] [client] (2)No such file or directory: exec of '/home/server/private_html/cgi-bin/smotion.cgi' failed [Fri Mar 27 10:25:28 2009] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: smotion.cgi

Any ideas what is wrong, the file smotion.cgi does exist...

-- RupertPlumridge - 27 Mar 2009

I found that on download the smotion.cgi file had DOS format end-of-line characters. I converted the file to unix format using the dos2unix utility.

Having done that, installation went very smoothly indeed thanks. I'm using Mandriva Linux. This utility will be great for just what it's designed for - accessing the web cam images from a mobile 'phone while out and about.

-- JimAvery - 18 Jun 2011

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ProjectSummary Lightweight image web browser in perl cgi for use by mobile phones
ProjectStatus Stable
ReleaseVersion 1.0
ProjectSubmitter RogerFoskett
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