Motion - Usbvision Driver Patch Four Inputs

usbvision driver patch for 4-inputs USB 1.x capture device


Using this patch for the usbvision driver provides the full functionality in motion for the 4-inputs USB 1.x devices, like the ones at the following links (available under several brands):

What does it do?

Modifies the default D-link USB capture device (1 audio/1 video) to extend the number of video inputs to 4.

Detailed Description

The default device for the id: 0x573:0x400 in usbvision is "D-Link V100"
I changed this to:

"4-input USB video suveillance", the usual name for this device.
It still can be used for D-Link, but just 2-nd and 3rd input (as Composite 1 and S-Video)

The inputs are renamed using the color of the connector (Green, Yellow, White, Red)

Attached Files

The following files need to be modified:

For this purpose two diff files are attached:
  • c.diff: Diff file for usbvision.c
  • h.diff: Diff file for usbvision.h


Apply the patch and recompile the driver
make clean

What do you need to install before? Nothing

How do you install the program? (assume talking to a newbie)

make install
rmmod usbvison (if already installed)
modprobe usbvision

Users Guide

How do you use the project?

When you install the driver (modprobe) you can see in /var/log/messages the allocated device (/dev/video0 if is the fiurst one)

Comments and Bug Reports

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ProjectSummary usbvision driver patch for 4-inputs USB 1.x capture device
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ReleaseVersion 1.0
ProjectSubmitter DanToma
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c.diffdiff c.diff manage 2 K 07 Jan 2005 - 07:54 UnknownUser Diff file for usbvision.c
h.diffdiff h.diff manage 1 K 07 Jan 2005 - 07:54 UnknownUser Diff file for usbvision.h
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