Motion - Video For Linux Loopback Device Feed Test Package

Video Four Linux Loopback Device Feeder


V4L loopback feeder useful for development and testing.

Detailed Information

Aimed to feed a v4l loopback device for testing purposes, also it's very useful to use it with Motion for development and testing because it triggers motion.

At the moment only a program has been implemented, dummyfill, which draws squares with random colours and random directions bouncing all the time, it does not consume much CPU and can be configured at execution time specifing FPS, colour-depth and resolution.


You need v4l or v4l2 support in your kernel, it's been tested with v4l loopback device versions > 0.91.

To install it just type make

Users Guide

Usage: dummyfill device widthxheight

Just run the program without parameters and it will output an example.

Comments and Bug Reports

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ProjectSummary V4L loopback feeder useful for development and testing
ProjectStatus Stable
ReleaseVersion 0.28
ProjectSubmitter OliverGonzalez
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
vloopbackfeedtest-0.20a.tar.gzgz vloopbackfeedtest-0.20a.tar.gz manage 3 K 28 Oct 2004 - 19:19 UnknownUser First release.
vloopbackfeedtest-0.28.tar.gzgz vloopbackfeedtest-0.28.tar.gz manage 13 K 06 Jul 2006 - 00:06 UnknownUser Fixed some compilation problems with new versions of GCC, improved overall perfomance.
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