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VIVOTEK IP6117/6127

The VIVOTEK IP6117/6127 is a powerful dual-codec wireless network camera supporting 2-way audio. Connected to an Ethernet connection this camera provides remote access to high-quality video and audio. This camera have 3 type connection BNC vdo output,Ethernet 10/100(RJ45) and wireless

more detail

Use these links in your motion.conf:

  • JPEG: netcam_url http://xx.xx.xx.xx/cgi-bin/video.jpg (for single JPEG images)
-- ChanchaiJunlouchai - 05 Jul 2010


Information about Vivotek IP7133 can be retrieved from

The camera provides MPEG4 and/or MJPEG streams and can provide 2 streams at the same time, with different resolutions if desired (and some other options).

In my tests, I used stream2 configured do JPEG.

URLs are:
depending on which stream you decide to use.

If just need a single JPEG snapshot, use
The camera runs Linux and allows: user control, ip filtering, and some other interesting features.

Take a look at the manuals, because this camera also offers DI and DO and the documentation lists the URL needed to control (get and set) camera parameters, including DI and DO.

-- CassioFreitas - 13 Jun 2011
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