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webhttpd for more than 9 threads


The distributed version of motion 3.2.4 fails to set camera status if the camera thread number is more than 9. This patch adjusts local pointers to permit dozens of threads to be controlled. It is untested, but should work up to any number of threads supported by the rest of the code

Description of Patch

Simple patch file. It is against version 3.2.4 downloaded March 2006.

Installation of Patch

Please review the patch and include it in test versions before distributing. I am not a full time programmer.

It goes in webhttpd.c in function handle_get.

* webhttpd.c.patch: The patch

Change History of Patch


[root@venus motion-3.2.4]# diff webhttpd.c.dist webhttpd.c > webhttpd.c.patch
[root@venus motion-3.2.4]# cat webhttpd.c.patch
>                               /* adjust pointer for trailing slash, then */
>                               /* adjust for more than single digit thread numbers */
>                               int temp_thread=thread;
>                               while ( temp_thread > 9 ){
>                                       pointer++;
>                                       length_uri--;
>                                       temp_thread/=10;
>                               }
[root@venus motion-3.2.4]#

Discussion and Comments

I have been using a similar patch, for only two digits, successfully for six months on our site. Using scripts and crontab we can turn the cameras on or off multiple times daily.

I've patched motion , but not with your patch . Now web interface allow up to 99 threads , i've tried with 18 threads and works fine .

If you want to test it , take the last daily snap.

-- AngelCarpintero - 13 Mar 2006

SVN 62/63. Daily snap 20060313

Update status , i forgot :-/

-- AngelCarpintero - 20 Oct 2007

This patch is apparently not in 3.2.12. Can we get it put there?

-- DavidPowell - 10 Jan 2015

Never mind, it's there... having a senior moment. Sorry.

-- DavidPowell - 10 Jan 2015
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