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Cacti used to show Open2300 data

Cacti, from or your package manager, is a Linux program for collecting and graphing data.

This is a demonstration of graphs that you can make from your weather data.

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My son wrote the data collection scripts and he has made them available. The current ones are shell scripts; newer ones written in python would allow conversion of wind speeds to km/h.


You need your weather station, your linux box, Open2300 and cacti. Cacti needs RRDTool, Perl, Apache, MySQL, libxml2, zlib, PHP, and NET-SNMP.
Windows users can install Cacti under Cygwin.


Version 1. log2300 is used to write to a file.
log2300 /opt/open2300-1.10/htdocs/weather_log.log /etc/open2300.conf
Cacti's poller calls which reads the last line of this file. Configuring the cacti system is tedious and not necessarily intuitive. gives good instructions.

Check to see the weather at Beelbangera, NSW, AU. Click on a graph to see more than one day's values.

Comments and Bug Reports

I've written a small guide

Exported graphs are here

-- RichelmoGiupponi - 29 Aug 2007

Hello, Exported graphs are unvaliable, can you please re-share it ?

thanks for all

Exported graphs are here

-- JbdivxC - 07 Feb 2012

  • Shell script to convert data to format expected by Cacti
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