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Feature Request: rw2300 as DLL


Does this exist?

If not, it would be a very useful addition for those of us who don't use C as our primary language. In my case, I have used Delphi for years and already have weather station software (for other hardware) written in it. If either a Delphi unit or a standard DLL were available it would make the conversion to WS23xx weather station hardware very simple. Thanks

-- AlTestani - 01 Apr 2006

Follow up


I'd love this too so I can use Visual Basic

-- KarlKachigan - 09 Jun 2006

I have no clue how to do that.

Maybe some can help with the method.

I only use open source tools. For Windows I use MinGW which make executables independent of cygwin and similar.

-- KennethLavrsen - 10 Jun 2006

Check out the MinGW documentation: Search for "How to create a dll".

Just made a .so file in Linux to be able to P/Invoke from Mono. Seems to work like a charm!

-- BjornPoppe - 29 Jul 2006

I have put a DLL .Net implementation and source code for many of the features at:

If you need any features that I missed, it should be fairly straight forward to add them. There is a windows setup that will install the DLL and source on your windows machine. Just add a reference in any .Net language and have fun.

-- SteveHeffern - 26 Jul 2007
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