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Feature Request: Optimize open2300 for use with Virtual Weather Station (VWS)



If you own a ws2300 weather station (ws22310, ws2315, etc.), operate it in a wired mode, and use the Virtual Weather Station (VWS) software, then you might find this update to the open2300 project useful. Applying this update will optimize the ws2300 weather station by allowing 8 second interval updates into VWS.


In the recently released version of VWS (version 12.08), a direct connection to the ws2300 weather station can be made instead of using the HeavyWeather program supplied by LaCrosse Technologies. The direct communication mechanism released with VWS uses the fetch2300 program from the open2300 project.

The update contained in this package addresses the following limitations that exist with the VWS implementation.

- Data refreshes from the ws2300 weather station are limited to 15 seconds. This is because VWS will allow a minimum sleep time of 10 seconds in between executions of the fetch2300.exe program. Since the fetch2300.exe program takes a minimum of 5 seconds to complete, the total amount of time needed for one cycle is 15 seconds. The ws2300 weather station will allow 8 second updates when running in a wired mode.

- When running at the maximum update frequency, the ws2300 weather station is not able to process data refreshes at the 8 second frequency. There is not enough processing power available in the ws2300 weather station to allow data updates every 8 seconds and to respond to requests on the COM port from the computer at this frequency.

-- KurtLinebaugh - 14 Apr 2006

Follow up


I have implemented this feature and is available as a patch (see OptimizeForVWS)


-- KurtLinebaugh - 14 Apr 2006

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