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Feature Request: Request port to FreeBSD


Hi, The current version of open2300 (1.10) works partially under FreeBSD. The old version (1.8) can evidently be made to work by commenting all lines in linux.c related to "flock."

The user gets an error about serial port locking.

There is more information available at Richard Yeardley's weather wiki here

It seems strange... after compiling and commenting out the flock lines as mentioned by Richard on the newer version of Open2300 (version 1.10), the mysql2300 tool works fine, but the other tools seem to just sit there for a while, then time out.

Here's some info on my setup here in case I can help with testing.

FreeBSD 6.1, release p15 Lacrosse 2300 weather station (Weather Channel branded unit) on COM1

Relevant bits of the open2300.conf file in /usr/local/etc: SERIAL_DEVICE /dev/cuad0

Looks like FreeBSD handles serial port locks through uu_lock

Running the "uname" command tells me the version. For example uname -rs on the system the Weather Station's on gives "FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE-p15"

I think open2300's really cool - not sure how you figured out how everything's arranged in hardware, but seems to work great from what I've heard.

Would really like to build a graph with Cacti on this box. Would be a great use of an aging computer.

-- ScottSpare - 28 Apr 2007

Follow up


I did this patch to linux2300.c to make it work for me on FreeBSD 6.3.

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
linux2300.c.diffdiff linux2300.c.diff manage 1 K 11 Nov 2008 - 09:49 UnknownUser I have been using this patch on FreeBSD 7.x. It implements the FreeBSD locking for serial ports.
linux2300.c.patchpatch linux2300.c.patch manage 1 K 02 Sep 2008 - 00:03 UnknownUser  
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