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Meteohub reads data from a WS2300 data extraction tool derived from the open2300 project Modification of the code (including pasting functions into one mh2300.c file to make it more easy to edit but less well structured) has been done by Boris Pasternak.

Detailed Description

This code is drived from open2300 project.

Changes have been made by Boris Pasternak to make this code suitable as a Meteohub plugin, that reports current ws2300 weather data via stdout to follow-up processes.

Changes to the code are under GPL as well

Attached Files

The project and its download can be found at

Comments and Bug Reports

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ProjectSummary Meteohub plugin derives from the open2300 project
ProjectStatus Stable
ReleaseVersion 1.0
ProjectSubmitter Boris Pasternak
Topic revision: r1 - 24 May 2009, KennethLavrsen
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