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Histlog Rainfall Problem


Not sure if this is a bug or whether I am not doing something obvious, but I am having a few difficulties with the rainfall output using histlog.

I have reset the total rainfall counter on the base station numerous times (also done it via the heavyweather software, and using minmax2300). The base station reports that the total rainfall is zero, xml2300 reports that the total rainfall is zero and the heavyweather software reports that the total rainfall is zero - but histlog output reports that the total rainfall is 280 odd mm! The counter does go up when there is rainfall, so I am just working from a higher baseline, but it is annoying to have to subtract 280mm from all the data it collects. Further I wonder how and when the counter will reset, or will it just keep rising indefinitely?

Something doesn't make sense, doubly so because xml2300 reads the correct reading, thus it seems like histlog is reading the total rainfall value from a different memory location than xml.

Can any light be shed on this as a known problem, or is this something specific to my setup?


Open2300 version: 1.10
Server OS: Windows XP

-- TWikiGuest - 04 Nov 2005


Try removing the batteries from the external sensor and then putting them back in. My experience has been that the external sensor stores rain information in its memory (cumulative number of rain gauge "clicks") which is then read by the base station.

Please refer to the patch in this bug report. This is not a problem of batteries but of the data structure inside the WS2300.

I am working on an more convienent patch for calibrating the WS2300.

OschenLars 19 Nov 2006
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