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slow response from serial port ( sleep problem ? )


Hi ( sorry for my english but i think you understand ) . i have a problem with open2300 . i use open2300 with no problems and it' s a very good tool . i try to install this software on a pc running suse ( not my pc ) but i have a problem . with all commands that receive data from the station i have a slow response . if i try interval2300/dump2300/bin2300 i get the data in a few seconds if i try fetch2300/log2300/wu2300 or similar i get the data after 3 min or more . i try to change the values on rw2300.h for the max retries but i get always slow response . i try to read the code to find the problem and i try to comment this line on the function wind_current and wind_all on the rw2300.c file . sleep_long(10); //wait 10 seconds for new wind measurement

without this line response from the station is fast . with the line 3 min . without 10 seconds .

the station works with windows without problems and data are read from all the sensors . what's the problem with this function sleep_long ? now the station is working without this line with no problems . it's only a timer for waiting before reading after a failure ? it's possible to change with another command ?

thank you . bye bye


Open2300 version: 1.10
Server OS: Suse 10.0

-- MarioGrossi - 18 Feb 2007


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