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mysql2300 maxes out at 99.9 degrees


open2300 mysql database is only showing 99.9 maximum temperature


Open2300 version: 1.10
Libraries: mysql, postgresql
Server OS: Suse 10.2 & MySQL 5.0.26

-- DeMon - 12 Dec 2007

The SQL in the original 1.10 mysql2300.c file defines these fields as decimal(2,1) however I spotted that and either created them as decimal(3,1) or changed them at some time past.

However, having run this for 2 years (I get easily sidetracked and had not paid enough attention), when I finally come to chart my 2 year data, I see a max of 99.9 when I select max(temp_out) from the database.

Has this already been reported? I'm thinking this might be more a mysql quirk than mysql2300?


Ok, I answered my own question, which is what I should have done before I posted this wink

Even decimal(3,1) is wrong - 3 is significant digits, 1 is decimals. To represent 105.6 you need decimal(4,1). I just checked the latest mysql2300.c file for it's CREATE TABLE sql and it shows decimal(2,1) for temperature values, which is not adequate. All of the temp values need to be decimal(4,1) and quite possibly other values need reviewing.

Do not many people use this? To me it's the best possible use of my WS - to be able to record all the data and later review the temperature. Charting is my latest venture which has been on my to-do list for a long time.


Hi there!

I published a patch for this a while ago There have been additional changes to the database structure.

Please check the patches available.


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