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Upload To Multiple Data Receivers


Upload WS2300 weather station data to various receivers. This application currently supports sending data to Weather Underground and/or Citizen Weather Observer Program ( CWOP ).

Description of Patch

The goals of this application are as follows:

  • Upload to multiple receivers in one invocation. This allows for one schedule ( like cron ) to service all receivers.
  • This application is initially a refactor of wu2300 and cw2300. It combines the efforts of those two applications. It should be backwards compatible with those applications. wu2300 and cw2300 could potentially be reduced to a simple call through to this application with the proper switches.
  • Common interactions with the weather station are not duplicated for various receivers, increasing combined performance.
  • Gust support for all receivers, with the gust reset occuring once for all uploads. This was not possible with split uploads.
  • Add support for other data uploads as identified ( possibly ) to this application.

usage: up2300 [--debug] [--noupdate] [--nogust] [--receivers=wu,cw] [config]

  • --debug, turn on useful debugging information. optional, defaults to silent.
  • --noupdate, run in "safe" mode. will not reset the station or write to receivers. especially useful when combined with --debug. optional, defaults to update.
  • --nogust, turn off gust support. optional, defaults to on.
  • --receivers=LIST, specify a list of receivers for data upload. can be any of; wu,cw,all,none for Weather Underground, CWOP, all or none respectively. optional, defaults to all.
  • config, path to configuration file. optional, will look at default paths.
  • -h or --usage, print this message then exit.

Installation of Patch

Put the files attached in your source directory: up2300_Makefile.patch, up2300.c

patch -p0 Makefile < up2300_Makefile.patch


make install

Change History of Patch

Discussion and Comments

  • up2300.c: Source code for the data upload application

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment up2300.c manage 11 K 06 Apr 2007 - 05:25 UnknownUser Source code for the data upload application
up2300_Makefile.patchpatch up2300_Makefile.patch manage 2 K 06 Apr 2007 - 05:26 UnknownUser Patch for the Makefile, to allow building of this application.
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