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BUG: Compiling under Suse 9.1 is impossible

Suse have not provided much in their personal CD - not geven gcc! As a result motion will not compile once gcc and ffmpeg (either 0.4.8 or is installed - it will not even configure unless ffmpeg is excluded. Without ffmpeg enabled I get

Linking Motion...
gcc  -o motion motion.o conf.o draw.o video.o track.o alg.o event.o picture.o  rotate.o netcam.o netcam_wget.o webcam.o   -lm -lpthread -ljpeg
picture.o(.text+0x32b): In function `put_jpeg_grey':
/root/motion-3.1.18/picture.c:79: undefined reference to `jpeg_create_compress'
picture.o(.text+0x429): In function `put_jpeg_yuv420p':
/root/motion-3.1.18/picture.c:34: undefined reference to `jpeg_create_compress'
netcam.o(.text+0x2d2): In function `netcam_next':
/root/motion-3.1.18/netcam.c:875: undefined reference to `jpeg_create_decompress'
netcam.o(.text+0x1500): In function `netcam_start':
/root/motion-3.1.18/netcam.c:809: undefined reference to `jpeg_create_decompress'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [motion] Error 1

Which to me implies that the jpeg libraries are not there. - but Motion would configure and compile and run before the ffmpeg libraries were installed.

Is it just time to ditch SUSE or is there a solution?

Test case


Motion version: 3.1.18
ffmpeg version: 0.4.8
Shared libraries: curl, xmlrpc, ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS: suse 9.1 standard

-- MikeWillis - 23 Feb 2005

Follow up

Are the -devel RPMs installed? To build programs from source you need to add each -devel RPM also. They contain vital .h files. I cannot say why Motion could compile earlier. That sounds strange. There is no around adding the needed packages for development no matter what distro.

-- KennethLavrsen - 23 Feb 2005

Follow up

I agree it is necessary to have all the libraries - this is what I do not understand. I do not know which I need as they are not listed anywhere in the INSTALL/README. But, it definately did compile initially, I am running it now. The problem was no MPEG, so I then installed ffmpeg, and again with the libs option (nice and obscure for beginners) which then threw up the usual short-int size crash. I modified the configure with the patch posted elsewhre on this site and eventually got configure to configure. Runnng make on this produced the above errors.

./configure --without-xmlrpc-c --without-mysql --without-ffmpeg --disable-mmx --prefix=/usr/local --without-optimizecpu

It looked like the files may have been corrupted, so I started again from the tar file, only with the same result.

Possible causes are the CPU I am using (a VIA mini-itx) is not compatible enough. The whole machine is supposed to act as a headless security device with the webcam, an atteched web server and front end to the home network via ssh from outside.

I must say I would advise anyone against suse personal - it is crippled. If I was a cynic I would say it is so crippled to persuade new users they need to go to Novel for support... otherwise it is a great distro. I didn't know this at the time I installed it.


Fix record

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