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BUG: won't complile without postgres

my configure was as follows:

./configure --without-pgsql

However when I try to run motion, I get.

motion: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Test case


Motion version: 3.1.19
ffmpeg version:  
Shared libraries: curl, xmlrpc, ffmpeg, mysql
Server OS: Gentoo 2.6.10 Kernel

-- IraMoss - 03 Mar 2005

Follow up

In my Fedora core 3 I tried to remove*

When I ran configure it failed because configure finds part of postgres but the libraries are missing.

Then I ran configure --without-pgsql and it went well. I compiled Motion and ran it and it runs perfectly.

If I run my normal binary I get the same error message as you.

So are you sure you are running the motion binary that you just compiled? I am not too familiar with Gentoo but I guess it is not RPM based. My first reaction was that you might have installed a motion RPM and then later tried to compile your own. In that case the execution search PATH probably finds the old binary in /usr/bin before the new in /usr/local/bin.

You should make sure with which motion that you actually run the right motion binary. Did you run make install ? If you are in the Motion directory after having compiled and runs motion Linux still finds the motion binary in the normal path and not in current working directory unless you run with ./motion .

-- KennethLavrsen - 04 Mar 2005

Fix record

Fooey!! Sorry about that, you hit the nail right on the head. I did try to the the RPM (you can do RPM's for gentoo, but yes, when I installed the RPM, it placed the binary in there and it's path was taking precedence over the one that I complied. I might just make an "ebuild" (gentoo's pkg management system) for it...

You can close this out. It was simply two binaries that both existed.


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