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BUG: Http API - makemovie problem

I already install ver 3.2.6 on Debian, all the function for Http API is working, but when I press makemovie, it cannot start to capture the movie, how to slove it, thanks.


Motion version: 3.2.6
ffmpeg version: 0.4.9-pre1
Shared libraries: ffmpeg, mysql
Server OS: Debian Sarge on ASUS WL500gp

-- WingCh - 19 Oct 2006

Follow up

I am 99.9% sure you did not understand the feature right - which is OK - and probably more a documentation problem.

When Motion detects motion - it starts saving jpegs (if enabled) and starts the movie file (if enabled). And it continues until the motion stops and the time defined by gap expires. Ie. the event is over. It then closes the mpeg movie file so you can actually see it.

The makemovie feature forces Motion to end the event and close the already open movie file and start a new if there is still motion.

You cannot start a new movie file with this feature without motion detected. And that is what I think you are assuming you can. If I am wrong reopen the report.

Fix record

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