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BUG: InvalidRainValuesInHistlog

I have some trouble with the histlog stuff. The problem is my workstations does not run all days. When I switch it on - mostly at the weekend - I would like to collect all data of the week. But in then current programs I can't see what the rain_total value was at then point of measurement. I just the the current value.

It looks like the values of the functions rain_total(), rain_1h() and rain_24h() in rw2300.c return the current value stored in the device. So when retrieving the data from the history with histlog2300 I get all past data of temp, press, etc but the current of the rain.

I checked out memory map. To me it looks like there are values in the history area to deal with rain values. Probably the function called in histlog is not the right one.

Can some give me a hint?

Thanks, Lars

Added comment:

I have changed mysql2300 and histlog2300 in a few ways. There is a mismatch between the value read_history() delivers in the var rain and what rain_total() does. Seems to be a bug but I am not sure,

Test case


Open2300 version: 1.10
Shared libraries: mysql, postgresql
Server OS: SuSE 9.3 64bit

-- OschenLars - 18 Feb 2006

Follow up

Fix record

Problem seems to be solved

1) There was a patch issued to change histlog to use rain_total() instead of the var rain. IMHO the patch is not correct. Rain is the correct value to be used.

2) : RTFM smile My weatherstation has an offset of 25 ticks between the rain counter in the history area and in the current rain area. There 13.3mm rain were added. That was why I had a difference between rain_total and the var rain. This caused my confusion. Now I subtract this value before storing

Suggestion: The reset function for rain should be extend to reset both counters.
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