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BUG: slow response when collecting wind data

I know this bug has been reported before but I haven't found a suitable explanation. I have observed a slow response when running the fetch2300 and similar commands that collect wind data. Specifically, the routines in rw2300.c wind_current(), wind_all() and wind_reset() all fail every time until MAXRETRIES is reached. Other users have simply changed the number of retries to 1, but this essentially disables the error checking (wind overflow, etc.) In my case, I'm using a WS-2315 in wireless mode and using linux. When I print out the data[0] response byte, it is alway 0x08. (Who knows why??) The functions listed above all fail the test if ((data_read[0]!=0x00) ||... I've simply changed the test to be if ((data_read[0]!=0x08) ||... so at least the other test bytes are checked. The test if ((data_read[0] & 0x7)!=0x00) might be better in general.

Test case


Open2300 version: 1.10
Shared libraries:  
Server OS: Ubuntu 12.04
-- SaberCat - 01 Apr 2013

Follow up

Fix record

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