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Feature Request: using open2300 with


this would be almost essential to me, as i use a product called hameweather that needs to take personal weather station info from, not weatherunderground. please help!!!

-- JosephLobocki - 09 Jul 2006

Follow up

Looked at

You can register a station so people can look up your URL.

I cannot see that you can upload weather data to them.

What you actually write is "take personal weather station info from"

And I thought that was just bad language. But if this is what you mean when my question is: "What does that have to do with open2300 which is software that picks weather data from a WS23XX weather stations?" Answer is probably nothing!

I am rejecting this request

-- KennethLavrsen - 19 Jul 2006


im sorry my language is not as good as yours, i am from america and we all dont know how to speak. i was wrong, it was not weatherforyou, it was hamweather, but i have spoken with the site owner and he has said he has emailed you letting you know how to add weather to his site. i also have the sender code right here: D=password&dateutc=2006-05-03+03%3A04%3A00&winddir=107&windspeedmph=12.5&win dgustmph=12.5&tempf=47.30&rainin=0.00&baromin=29.26&dewptf=41.13&humidity=79 &weather=%20&clouds=SKC&softwaretype=&action=updateraw . it is similar to the way you send weather to wunderground. thank you for your help.

-- JosephLobocki - 22 Jul 2006
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